1996 Elderton Command Shiraz, Australia.

Bad boy extreme. Wow. I was treated to this wine blind. It had been a couple years since I tempted my palate with a shiraz from Elderton. I forget about Australia. But prompted by my post on Henry's's Drive last week, my buddy Amar decided to open the Command we purchased on a wine run a couple years back. There's no disappointment in this wine. It's in your face, huge and a crowd pleaser. The aromatics are to die for. Huge black cherry, blackberry and a sweetness that's intoxicating yet subtly seductive. On the palate a mild acidity with exploding berries around a core of black cherry and sweet herbs. It finishes so sweet yet exhibiting a dense structure with unbelievable complexity for a wine with this much fruit. Man. I kept stressing before Amar unveiled the bottle that I hope either he or me had more of this. It was Amar's last bottle. I thankfully have at least one. 95 points.