The Wonders of Skiing, Skies, San Diego, and Sun.

I just returned from a four-day journey to Jackson, Wyoming, where I connected with an old college friend for a few days of skiing at Jackson Hole. The last time I saw Andy was some ten years ago. Before we chatted in early January, it had been five years or more since we spoke.

Before I traveled the world on my motorcycle, I would spend many days skiing every year. I favorited trips to Squaw Valley (now Alpine Palisades), Mammoth Mountain, and Alta and Snowbird in Utah. This was my first trip to Jackson Hole. I’ll be honest. The mountain challenged me—big time. The last time I skied was in 2019 with my brother Jonathan, niece Emily, Johnny A, and other friends.

Connecting with old friends. Andy Goodman and me on the square in downtown Jackson, Wyoming.

Connecting with old friends. Andy Goodman and me on the square in downtown Jackson, Wyoming.

Like a bike, you never forget. The conditions, steepness of the mountain, and weather can make or break a ski trip. I’m happy to say that I experienced it all. We had beautiful blue skies dotted with puffy clouds. We had overcast days, and we had snow.

On my last day, I felt tired, the conditions were so-so in the morning, but new snow in the afternoon combined with poor visibility made for even more challenges to this tired skier. I got off the mountain and into the cafe by 12:30 pm. I had had enough.

But I will be back. Maybe not to Jackson Hole, but I’ll try to get to Tahoe and Utah before this legendary snowfall-filled season ends.

But when I got home? I hopped on my bike and ventured outdoors in my backyard for my daily sunset ride. Wow. So I share with you the magic of San Diego skies and the sun-painted clouds over the Pacific.

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