SmartPhone Anxiety?

Seems Doc is intrigued by the latest Palm Treo SmartPhone announcement. That is until he discovered the new Treo 700 would only be offered on the Verizon and Sprint Networks. Back in the day Verizon[ … ]

Goodbye Bloglet. Hello Feedblitz.

For the few hundred or so subscribers to The Digital Tavern, you've probably noticed that notifications for new posts have been sporadic at best. This is because Monsur of Bloglet seems to have[ … ]

Nostalgia & PodCasting

I just got off the phone with my good friend Johnee Bee. I first met Johnee in 1987 just months after I opened the door of my advertising agency PRISCOMM. My then partner ironically sported the[ … ]

Checking In On The Blogosphere

While traveling by motorcycle for the last 7 months from Alaska to Bolivia, I spent much of my free “internet” time writing and posting stories from the road. But I'd tune in to the[ … ]

Fear of Blogger Burnout?

Ironically enough today Wired Magazine (online) published a story on Blogger Burnout — a nice follow up to my yesterday's post on dead blogs. […] bloggers contacted for this story[ … ]

When Is A Blog Dead?

Catching up on my usual suspects of bloggers and their recent posts I noticed that Joi blogged the fact that Technoroti has tracked it's 3 millionth blog – of course when I read his post[ … ]