Treating Wanderlust With Live Music

Seems that the only traveling I find myself doing these days is either up and down the California coast. While my return to trip to Israel in December was an exception, I discovered this week that[ … ]

YouTube On The Prowl

I’ve got a few video composites from my motorcycle trip around the world posted on my WorldRider account on YouTube. About a week ago I received a notification from YouTube, ironically the[ … ]

The Worst Song of All Time?

BBC reports that a Beatles song from the White Album has been voted as the worst song of all time. I'd have to disagree. Take virtually any song by Foreigner or Journey and it'd score much[ … ]

I’ll Never Forget You Scott

I missed Scott Alexander’s phone call this afternoon. His voice on the message was somber and monotone. “Big Al,” he cracked. “The legend is gone. Scott Muni is dead.”[ … ]

All Music Sports A New Face

I noticed that quietly updated their site and identity with a complete redesign. If you are a music fan and savour the history, discography, reviews, guest performers and nearly anything[ … ]

Gram Parsons Tribute – Santa Barbara

So the last time I checked in I was off to spend a long weekend in the sunny Southern California community of Santa Barbara. The draw? Good friends, good music and good wine. Left the laptop at home[ … ]

Al Stewart – Live

It has been a busy week or so since I last was able to put some time into quality blogging. So I'll try to catch up with a number of posts today and tomorrow. Music. I'm going to do a[ … ]

MacWorld San Francisco – Live Report

iPod iPod Mini Comes in 5 colors! Jobs is talking iPod success. The holiday quarter for the iPod, Apple sold 700,000 + iPods. This means now Apple has sold more than 2 million iPods. Apple is showing[ … ]

What About The Pig?

Years ago I saw Pink Floyd play live at Madison Square Garden. The real Pink Floyd, that is. The band that contained all members — especially the brain child of the band, Roger Waters. I was a[ … ]