Try The Beets! 

Why Being More Open Will Improve Your Life I’m not a fan of arguments. Sure, I enjoy healthy debate, but when discussions devolve into arguments where opinions interfere with facts and closed[ … ]

The Most Precious Gift

Those who know me well have heard me say this time and time and again. The most precious gift you can give anyone is your time. Likewise, time is the most precious thing someone can give you. Simple[ … ]

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Invigorated. Alive. Wow.

As many of you know, as a professional keynote speaker my job when speaking from the platform is to inspire, motivate and encourage my audience to step outside their comfort zone, accept change, try[ … ]

Yet Another Reflection – 9/11

I’ll never forget. You won’t. They won’t. And in the rare case of memory lapse, the media won’t let you. Today’s long list of errands forced me to burn fossil fuel by[ … ]