Try The Beets! 

Why Being More Open Will Improve Your Life I’m not a fan of arguments. Sure, I enjoy healthy debate, but when discussions devolve into arguments where opinions interfere with facts and closed[ … ]

The Most Precious Gift

Those who know me well have heard me say this time and time and again. The most precious gift you can give anyone is your time. Likewise, time is the most precious thing someone can give you. Simple[ … ]

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Invigorated. Alive. Wow.

As many of you know, as a professional keynote speaker my job when speaking from the platform is to inspire, motivate and encourage my audience to step outside their comfort zone, accept change, try[ … ]

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee Beans

My love for coffee started at an early age. That is, I loved coffee ice cream. With all the flavors in the world, I was consistent and always chose coffee ice cream. These days I don’t eat much[ … ]

Up Against The Wall.

Very proud of my friend Brian who never ceases to amaze me with his ideas, creativity, writing and business sense. I never knew he would let those pesky plastic wall anchors that come with just about[ … ]

Southeast Asia Dreaming & Reflection

I've been sporadically following Dervala Hanley's escapades through Southeast Asia since Liz pointed me to her blog a couple weeks ago. I was sad to hear of her motorbike accident where she[ … ]

Smell The Air. Feel Alive.

I still have my old “hot rod” that I used to drive in High School. It’s an old Detroit muscle car. But most important, it’s a convertible. To some it’s the[ … ]

Those Santa Ana Winds Blowing Again

Geez. What is it many people talk about when they don’t have anything to say? The weather. Ok. Ok. Cut me some slack here. Much to say. But let’s take a breather. You know. The[ … ]

Morning Ride.

Mornings Made Better. What a great thing to do. Take the 15 mile bike ride around Newport Beach's back bay. It refreshes your mind, gets your blood pumping the the scenery is phenomenal.

Quote him

Peter De Vries. “My father hated radio and could not wait for television to be invented so he could hate that too.” [Quotes of the Day]