1996. The Vintage.
Well. Sitting here with CNN star and brother Jon drinking some of the best from California’s “hot” 1996 vintage. Tonight we’re drinking the Abreu and the Maiden, Harlen’s second label. Overall both wines are worth. They’ve both got deep complexity with dark fruit and a touch of earthiness. While the Abreu squeeks out more flavor on the nose and the palate, the Maiden is inspring if not seeking food to make it more enjoyable. While I’ve not had either of these wines prior to Jon’s recent arrival. I must say that the seductive quality of the Abreu is alluring, however if not on the mailing list I’d question its value given teh current auction pricing. But we’re enjoying it nonetheless. As for the maiden. I’ve had the 1994 Harlan, and this is far from it’s little brother or sister. Abreau 93 points. Maiden 90 points.