Birthdays & Anniversaries. Mom & Prohibition.

Happy Birthday Mom. And thank god we can celebrate the 70th anniversary of the repeal of the 18th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. You know. The one that in 1919 made sales and distribution of alcohol illegal. Except for sacrament, of course. That is, for the church.

My mom was born years after the repeal of the 18th Amendment was made possible by the ratification by Congress of the 21st Amendment in 1933.

Happy Birthday.

Me and mom. Years ago. Sagitarius. Both of us.

Perhaps the best birthday present Mom every received arrived exactly a week late. Me. My day comes next week.

But I’m feeling a bit guilty tonight. Trying to choose a wine to open on this Friday night, I painfully labored while pouring through the racks of my wine cellar. No matter what I considered I thought to myself, “too good for just me, tonight.” I finally settled on a bottle of Merlot. Damn. I love Merlot. It got such a bad rap and bad production during the 80’s as the wine for non-wine drinkers. Chardonnay came next. And now it seems to be Syrah. Fortunately there are many wineries making valiant attempts at producing a wine that would make the French in Pomerol or St. Emilion proud or their ancestors to roll over in their graves. Nonetheless, this 2000 Pride Mountain Vineyards Wind Whistle Vineyard Merlot from Napa County is absolutely stunning. A bit toasty, but certainly not offensive. Caramel, creme brulee with dark blackberries and a finish that simply won’t quit. Seductive and succulent, the flavors wallow on the palate and beg for tantalizing tongue tingling. Damn. I shouldn’t be drinking this alone. Sadly, less than 350 cases were produced. If you happen to be one of the lucky one’s who owns a bottle or two, you’re in for a treat. But wait a year or two. And open it when there are friends who’d enjoy such a treat.

But now that I’ve broken the silence hear in The Digital Tavern, I guess I’ll toast this magnificent merlot with you. And for my mom. And for the 21st Amendment. For without its ratification, we wouldn’t be sharing this great wine!

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