Chardonnay & Gatorade

I think Halley Suitt is great. The real thing. Great blend of witty writing, personal insight, humor, some sarcasm and a lot of openess. If you haven’t read her Alpha Male how-to guide and expose, get on with it.

Today I find that while Halley admits that she doesn’t often imbibe in the fruits of the fermented grape — that’d be wine — she had a very unusual pairing with her dinner last night — chardonnay and gatorade.

I’ll be the first to admit that this is a first. And while I’m the man on the soapbox during these slightly excessive wine tastings, dinners or events waving my arms and telling everybody to hydrate. That’s true. Hydration. And wine in moderation. Then again, moderation in moderation. But there’s Halley, complete with her nice Salmon dinner, a nice bottle of chardonnay and a glass of gatorade. Out of this world. Post dinner, she’s building new world’s with her son. I wonder what she’ll come up with next. Perhaps Cabernet and Hot Cocoa?