More Health Benefits From Drinking The Fermented Grape

I know it doesn't sound exciting, but “having a glass or two of wine every day may help reduce the occurrence of bowel polyps”. According to this article in The Wine Spectator.

[…] Polyps are projecting masses of swollen membrane that are sometimes found in the colon. Usually benign, the growths can be singular or in bunches, and, over time, they may become tumorous and lead to colon cancer[…]

The study was presented at Digestive Diseases Weekly, the largest gastroenterology event held in the world.

[…] Those who consumed one to two drinks a day, on the other hand, had an 80 percent lower chance than nondrinkers of developing the growths — or a risk factor of 7.5 percent. The few participants so far who drank more than two glasses a day showed a slightly higher risk of developing polyps than nondrinkers […] Those who drank moderately as a habit, meaning they had been consuming alcohol for more than 10 years, tended to be free of the growths […]

Hey, it's Saturday. The sun is shining. We're only days from Summer Solstice. So as the sun sets this evening, why not crack open a sauvignon blanc or a nice crisp white Albarino from Spain. It's the healthy thing to do.