Those Santa Ana Winds Blowing Again

Geez. What is it many people talk about when they don’t have anything to say? The weather. Ok. Ok. Cut me some slack here. Much to say. But let’s take a breather. You know. The ‘smell the roses’ cliche kinda breather. Just for a short post. OK?

They get me every time. It’s not that it’s overly windy. No. That would be too easy. It’s the planes on approach to John Wayne Airport from the opposite direction — the Pacific Ocean. It’s the spooky, yet seductive warm air in the day and the perky chill at night. For some, it aggravates and causes issue with sinuses. For others, skin allergies rear their ugly reminder. But for all of us, the winds paint our sky with the most surreal and intoxicating colors. I snapped these a few minutes apart just a little after 6pm last night. We’re overlooking Newport Harbor. I was amazed how I could see Catalina Island. So close I swear I could reach out and touch it. Real photos. No Photoshop. No image enhancement. No desire to get the perfect shot. Simply to capture the moment. And yes. The sky did look like this. The effect of whatever the winds blew in from the desert and inland empire. I’m not going to think about the why today. I’m simply going to just enjoy the visual.

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