Delta Celebrates Our Troops

I sit on a Delta Airlines flight that I connected with from Orange County in Salt Lake City. Flying over the salt flats of Utah and the barren desert below, Delta is showing an extended version of a new television commercial that celebrates the “men and women of our armed forced that served our country in the recent conflict in Iraq.” It is shown on Delta flights in celebration of Independence Day. Many Delta employees are featured in the film and who served in Iraq. It made me think that here Delta has a captive audience and in a very short and simple spot using dynamic footage of our troops in action. When announced I thought another self-serving puffy piece of propaganda. While it wasn't far from that, it was produced well with an adequate soundtrack, effective editing and simple message. Just not sure what the point is here. While I'm sure the budget was tight on such a production, I would have liked to seen Delta put a little more effort and instead of producing a “television” spot, it produced a short story or vignette. Something that tied the human element — the point that its employees were involved — so to engage the viewer. Rather, Delta opted for the rah-rah footage of paratroopers jumping out of planes, fighter jets screaming off aircraft carriers and ground troops traversing the tough Iraqi terrain. All in a nice to watch short not unlike a music video. The message diluted and washed out – if there was one. Oh well. Another missed opportunity.

Now they're showing a preview of the film to be shown — It's Steve Martin in Bringing Down The House. I have no idea what this film is about and as I sit here comfortably with my Sennheiser Noise-Canceling headphones listening to Al Stewart on my iPod the thing that catches my eye are several shots of Steve Martin using an Apple Titanium G4 PowerBook. Great product placement with the big glowing light of the Apple logo on a field of shiny high-tech titanium.

Back to finishing my book. I'll pass on the movie. Looks like the lunch cart coming down the aisle.

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