When Not To Use Stock– <br>–Especially Royalty Free Photography. <br> Microsoft Makes the Switch.

For years I've strongly advised my marketing and consulting clients against the use of stock photography. Advertisers and marketing managers can always find reasons not to shoot new and original photography.

Where's the value?
Too expensive.
Not enough time.

You name it. I've heard the excuse. Always on the lookout for examples where stock photography does more harm than good, I've found images clients' have selected in competitor ads, in ads from companies with questionable products and even in political group ads. The damage? Simple or unfortunate association. An image that is repeated becomes part of a company's brand voice. It's how you dress, speak and act.

Today? I'm still reeling in my laughter from the major faux pas by Microsoft, I've now got another example of why never to use stock photography if there's a choice!