More Than Just The Digital Tavern

I know many of the readers of The Digital Tavern follow me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo. And many of you are readers of my other websites and enjoy checking in now and again on the latest, whether it’s travel, food, motorcycling, Apple Macs and iIOS devices and more. So I dedicate this page as a quick index to some of the other places you’ll find my writings, music, video and film projects. Enjoy!

WorldRider – A content rich blog that features stories, writings, photos and film from my ongoing adventures on motorcycles, rally racing and adventure travel.

Tasting Adventure – As many of you know, my book, Tasting Adventure, Around The World With Two Forks And A Knife features great stories, food, recipes, photography and more from my ongoing global adventures. This website is my way to focus on food, friends, family and good wine.

Allan Karl: Keynote Speaker & Photographer – As many know my focus since returning from my around the world journey on a motorcycle has been to share the stories, lessons, insight, photos, video and more to audiences all over the world. My keynote speaking business is where I see myself moving more and more with my career, philanthropic and business pursuits. The speaking business has been down since I returned in 2008. I remain positive, however, and feel I have an important message and inspiration and motivation to a wide range of audiences — particularly because we now do more business globally than every before and the heightened interest in expanding our world view and learning about diversity and culture.

clearcloud – I remain a marketing and business consultant. I focus on strategic and digital marketing and the use of blogs, social media and online tools to increase awareness, gain visibility and connect with people and customers worldwide. I specialize in naming, blogging and an integrated strategy that leverages online and offline marketing tools and touchpoint marketing to increase business efficiency and to build brands.