Freedom of Music.

Last night I had a lot of fun. Sarah, Felisa and Jim joined me in my little studio for a night of playing guitar, singing songs and keeping rhythm with a plethora of percussion instruments. Mix that up with great wine, laughs and an easiness that I haven’t felt in awhile. There’s something about music and collaborative creation in a comfortable setting that frees the mind from its tendency to dwell, think and figure. Playing live music for the sole objective of joyful expression lights up faces and sparkles eyes. Of those playing and those watching. It’s an energy. And it’s damn fun.

In an email this morning Sarah suggested we pull a group of singers, players and songwriters and play, perform, practice and write on a regular basis. I had suggested to Sarah and the others last night that we focus on playing more of our own songs, rather than rehashing cover songs. She looked at me with a bit of anxiety and said “I don’t have any songs.” She has a beautiful voice, is a gifted creative designer and soulful guitar player. She has songs. But she just doesn’t know it yet. Or, she just hasn’t unlocked the door in her heart and mind and let them out. She looked at me and said, “Next time let’s play more of your songs.” I said that would be fun, but suggested even better, let’s write some together.

The creative spirit needs fostering. It needs to breathe. And it needs to work without fear. So I’m going to nurture and provide the impetus to get a group of musicians together on a regularly. Much like my love of yoga. This time will be well spent. And very healthy.

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