June Gloom. And Early Summer Reading.

Great weekend in Southern California. Though close to the coast today I can officially say I experienced the raison d'etre that June is affectionally known as “June Gloom”. That is where the warm air from the desert and the cool air from the coast and probably a number of other meteorological phenomena that the fog or overcast cloud cover just blankets and hugs the coast. Go a couple mines inland and it's sunny and 80 plus degrees.

Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road
. It's a journal and very emotional and personal story that could easily been a blog in terms of its sequential and prosaic approach to life journey. Written by Neil Peart. Peart made his living as the chief lyricist and drummer of the Canadian rock-trio “Rush”. In 1997 his 19-year old daughter was killed in a single vehicle accident just hours as she left her home to attend her freshman year at a Canadian college. Less than a year later Peart's wife died of cancer. A man who might have had everything a year before, heads out on a motorcycle to journey in hopes of leaving haunting memories behind and to do what many mother's do to put children and their restless souls to sleep: take them for a ride in the car. Peart embarks on a journey with nothing but his empty soul. I'm only 50 pages into it. But it's fascinating and interesting. And just another one of those stories that reinforces the simple fact that this isn't a dress rehearsal. Grab life. Live it.

More later.

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