Rock n' Roll Tape Sales Peak.

Got your survival supplies? I wonder if U.S. Fire Administrator David Paulison is holding any Home Depot stock under an assumed alias? Gotta prepare for emergencies. Like a microphone that just won't stay where it's supposed to? Or mic cables that are too easy to trip over? Or the curtain that just needs to be held back? In college and shortly after I did sound and sometimes lighting for a few rock bands. We could fix anything with Duct Tape. In fact, ever since those days I affectionally refer to this strong adhesive cure-all fabric as “rock and roll tape”. Never did think of it as a terrorist defense, though. Have you bought yours? Keeping a few roles around just in case? Well… Never underestimate the power of television. It's selling like hotcakes. Even Maureen Dowd picked up on the Duct Tape Bandwagon. [thanks to rob for the link]