On Speaking and Speakers

Last month I had an opportunity to attend the annual National Speakers Assocation (NSA) annual convention. This year the event was held at the World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida in the shadows[ … ]

Treating Wanderlust With Live Music

Seems that the only traveling I find myself doing these days is either up and down the California coast. While my return to trip to Israel in December was an exception, I discovered this week that[ … ]

The Donkey Did It.

Southern plains of Ethiopia. Below a new traditional home under construction. As I moved to make time to get to Awasa I noticed groups of women carrying large round ceramic containers colored brown[ … ]


The beaches. The music. The fahvelas. The food. The friendly people. The shoeshine boys on the beach walks. The bikinis. The spirit. Rio is gearing up for the Pan American Games. And Al Gore’s[ … ]

Rome: History. Mussolini & Vatican Censors.

Rome is all history. Ok. So some may go for the food, others for shopping, but most go to take in the history. Ancient Rome, Old Rome and latter day Rome. Arguably, perhaps the two most visited areas[ … ]