Welcome To South America: Colombia

Hello South America. Happy Birthday, too. The little over an hour flight to Bogota was quick, easy and extremely scenic from my window seat as we flew over the Darien Gap and pristine islands with[ … ]

The Streets of Zacatecas

Seems these last few days in Mexico I’ve been moving a bit slower than usual. Maybe I’ve been here too long and the concept of siesta, sitting around or simply lounging as locals do has[ … ]

Sun Valley to Monument Valley

Stopping in Sun Valley for a quick sandwich and rushing back to the road, I planned for a long day. With nothing much holding my interest between here and Southern Utah I blasted down 93 until I hit[ … ]

Paradise To Sunrise on Mt. Rainier

After the embarrassing and taxing bike drop this morning I decide that before taking the Skyline Trail from the Paradise Inn to the colorful sub alpine meadows of Rainier I’d grab a snack in[ … ]

Motorcycling and Movies.

I finished producing a short (20 minute) montage of music, stills, and clips from both still camera's in movie mode and some MiniDV footage. They've been burned to DVD and I've got a[ … ]

Back in California

After a glorious two weeks in Wyoming and then a few days cruising through the amazingly scenic mountains and deserts of Southern Utah I’m back home in Southern California. Kodachrome Basin[ … ]