Back in California

After a glorious two weeks in Wyoming and then a few days cruising through the amazingly scenic mountains and deserts of Southern Utah I’m back home in Southern California.

Kodachrome Basin National Park, Utah.

Some of the highlights of my trip include the intense, diverse and abrupt changes in weather in Wyoming. In Utah, I was amazed at the colors of Kodachrome Basin State Park and the intensely rugged and diverse terrain of Escalante Staircase National Monument.

Traveling from Salt Lake City to Southern California via motorcycle was a sensual thrill. Taking in sights, sounds, scents and climatical changes through every sensory organ in my body I’ve come to realize what I’ve missed since I sold my last motorcycling in the early 90’s.

I’ve posted a bunch of photos from the dual-sport motorcycle adventure in Wyoming, Utah and Idaho here. And for a journey through Southern Utah, check out another photo album here. (be sure to click ‘start slide show’ so you can see full size images)

I’ve produced a semi-short video of the first part of my journey that will be posted later this week. So many stories to share. And so much to catch up on. But the short sabbatical stint was well worth it. Now to catch up on everything before my next journey in early October to Italy.

I should note that many of you have posted comments on my posts I wrote prior to leaving for Wyoming. I’m catching up on my comments so check your comments and see if I’ve posted. If not, I’ll be at it by Tuesday morning. Thanks for your interest.

And for those of you who’ve sent me email, my inbox is overflowing. I will catch up and respond to you early this week. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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