Ahh. The Spa Lifestyle. For The Mind?

Need to go to the spa? Halley points me to Dave's request for an Emotional Spa. A great idea. Made me think of what I've been calling for ever since the latest fitness rage. Especially in California, there is a almost fanatical focus on keeping bodies fit, firm and strong. By natural and artificial means. The body is the temple, or something like that. Right? I'm not one to slam working out, nutrition or other healthy body endeavors. But there are perhaps more gyms, spas, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgery centers and personal trainers than anywhere. But where are the mind gyms? The brain exercise centers? The place where you go to keep your mind in tip top shape? Where to go to practice thinking? To inspire cognitive process. Rejuvenate creative juices? Let's stretch, exercise and work the mind and the brain — as well as the body.

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