Life is funny. I love life. You'd be hard pressed to find me anytime without a big smile and happy “excellent” expression. It's an icebreaker. In this way, I'm typically warm, open and approachable. And that's the first thing people feel when they meet me.

But what about life's transitions? How do you greet them? Some may fear or even avoid them. But me, I like to face them head on. So, as spring approaches we all will experience, in one way or another, one of natures greatest life transitions. The cold chill of winter causes many species to remain dormant, yet alive in the comfort of their winter nest. With spring there is an awakening. An awakening of the senses. A thawing of the mind. A heightened sense. The feeling of being alive.

With spring comes the usual cadre of awakening metaphors. There's the spring fling to awaken love and romance in those who've found it dormant and hiding under the chill of winter. There'll be caterpillars then butterflies. Buds then flowers. We will all begin to awake as winter settles and takes its annual nap.

All of us experience transition or life changes, expected and unexpected, at various times during the year. But yet Spring, yes Spring seems to set in motion the churning of the mind and spirit and the longing and beating of the heart. In transition it's important to stay in tune. Balanced. And checked.

With the fast paced world whipping around you like the quaint merry-go-round gone awry, With the nagging unknowns of a world at war,your health, your job, your family and your relationships, it's important to check in with yourself. Ask yourself how you're doing. Truthfully. And I trust and hope you're ok.

Me. Excellent. And I'm definitely in transition. At times things are quieter than I'm used to or that I'd like. But rather than focus on the absence that silence signifies, I tend to look at the space it yields. Since I quit the company I co-founded 15 months ago, I've been in a whirlwind of transition. The last month especially interesting. But for the most part it's very exciting. Yet it makes me think, wonder and wander. And that's what I like about blogging. I've got an open forum. And I'm glad to have you checking in, too. I can smell spring. And I feel an awakening, yet I'm sure I haven't been asleep. So I'm going to dig deep into this transition and experience it for the adventure and unknown it brings.

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