Isn’t Time We Wine?

I haven’t blogged about wine in a helluva long time. And tonight as I work on a client project, catching up on blogs and relaxing before catching a dose of Olympics I think it’s important to note that I’m enjoying an excellent glass of wine.

Within days of returning from China, in May I took a quick jaunt to Paso Robles to attend the Hospice du Rhone event. Started years ago by John Alban and Mat Garretson, this is truly one of the greatest and most underrated wine events in the United States.

But it was on this trip that I finally found my way out to the Westside of Paso Robles to meet Matt Trevisan one of the co-founders of Linne Colado Wines. I won’t go into the gossiping soap opera details of Linne Colado and Matt’s ex-partner Justin Smith (who now makes delicious wines under his own Saxum label) but suffice to say I was impressed with the Linne Colado offerings at the time. And I also walked home with a handful of Saxum wines.

At Linne Colodo Matt and I wandered around the 50 or so barrels he had stacked in his modest tasting/barrel room. He’d blend me wines in the glass on a whim from a selection of varietals from different barrels. Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan sang through his speakers. “I’m into an Americana phase,” Trevison explained. I promised to set him up with some new additions to his Americana collection. And writing this I realize how lame I’ve been on my follow through. They’re coming, Matt. I promise.

But it’s about wine tonight. Remember?

Because tonight I sip one of Matt’s pet projects, Amnesia. From the 2002 vintage. Perhaps a whim from a blend when another customer poked his head into the tasting/barrel room. Who knows. But I’m guessing due to the blend of Syrah, Zinfandel and Mourvedre that Matt simply forgot exactly how he made this wine. I couldn’t tell you what he blended for me that day. But it was outstanding.

The Amnesia? It’s sumptuous. And that means enjoyable, if not delicious. You see the Linne Calodo wines have garnered a somewhat cult status. I’m not sure why because many wines made in Paso today are equally of the LC caliber. But I may speak to soon. I dig this wine. Not expensive. Not terribly expressive. But on a Wednesday night after a hard day of work sipping this wine is pure pleasure. Sometimes I tend to open a big cab or opulent but mediocre Burgundy. Tonight I’m enjoying a little Amnesia. Forgetting that wine isn’t about the label — it’s about what’s inside the bottle.

Linne Colodo. A wine to watch. Ask your wine shop. Serious.

Anything you’d like to know about Paso Robles? Drop me a line. It’s the next thing — really.