Symbian Pet Peeve.

I really love my Symbian-based Sony Ericsson P900 SmartPhone. Like a TREO or a Palm-based device, I used a stylus pen to enter text for messages, calendar, contact or simple navigation using the Symbian UIQ v2.1 interface.

But unlike the original Graffiti that I used to use with my last SmartPhone that was Palm-based to make a “T” you simply draw it on the screen as you would printing on paper: a quick vertical line then lift the stylus and cross that line making your “t”. But that vertical line without the crossed “t” is an “L”.

So follow me here. To make a space between words you simply draw a simply quick horizontal line. Voila! A space and then you can begin entering your next word. Here's where it gets tricky and basically pisses me off. If I write a word that ends in two “L's” and then I draw that quick horizontal line to denote a space before the next word, the system turns that second “L” into a “T”; it mistakenly thinks I'm trying to cross that “L” and make it a “T”.

Think of how many words end in two “L's”:

  • well
  • still
  • will
  • bill
  • fill
  • tell
  • chill
  • till

Well, you get the idea. Anyone using Symbian, the Sony Ericsson P900 (or P800 for that matter) and have any idea if there is a work around? This is really annoying.