Recipe testers needed for exciting new global cookbook. Interested?

From my cookbook, Jim Porter shot the amazing Brazilian Moqueca — a featured recipe and shown in the style of the photographs that we will feature for recipes in my upcoming book: Tasting Adventure: Around The World With Two Forks & A Knife

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen many posts here on the Tavern or my WorldRider site, the explanation is easy: I’m overwhelmed — in a good way. Yet, to be honest, I could use some help. So if you, or someone you know might be able to help me, please let me know or pass this post/email on.

What’s Happening:

Next month I’m working with Orange County Food Photographer Jim Porter, assistant photographer and digital production legend Erika Stout and Food Stylist Lisa Meredith to shoot the final recipes for my upcoming book.

What I’m Looking For:

  • Recipe Testers – cook and taste recipes from around the world and provide feedback and input on your experience and results.
  • Recipe Tester Project Manager (work with testers and organize the information and feedback)
  • Props (dishes, flatware, accent pieces and textiles) from/representing various countries around the world (the sets for photos need to be as authentic as possible)
  • Prop manager — help me organize and source props — in many cases props will be borrowed and after the shoot returned
  • Kitchen/Studio Assistant/intern to work with Lisa, Jim and me in the kitchen and studio during the photo shoot

What You Get If You Help Me:

  • Your name in lights: as in bright lights in my book as a thank you
  • A hug
  • Wholesale price for cookbook upon publishing (if you want one!)
  • Invitation to the launch party (live music, celebrities and food!!)
  • Gratitude and thanks forever!!
  • There will be one or two special gifts (think door prizes) that will be given to names pulled from (like a hat) of all helpers — but I’ll pull them from a Potjie (a South African traditional cast-iron dutch-style over — which by the way I’m looking to borrow for the photo shoot)
  • Lots of attention on my blogs, Facebook and other social media (if you want)
  • I will give you a reference and recommendation, write a recommendation on linked in, and if it helps in your career pursuit, you can use the experience on your CV, resume or linked in resume and summary.
  • The great feeling that you were instrumental in helping bring this ambitious project to life!

How can you help:

Recipe Testing

I’m look for about 5-10 recipe testers to help out with — recipe testing. The book features some 50 recipes from all over the world. These are typically national dishes, comfort/street food and the dishes the locals eat.

The book will be about 200 pages and feature 30-40 photographs of the recipes combined with my travel photos from around the world and accented by short narratives from my experience in each country. Sometimes these will be about food, other times just about connecting with people and culture. After all, cooking, dining and food usually connects, bonds and brings people together. That’s what my book is about, and that’s much of what I learned and experienced after three years traveling alone around the world — on a motorcycle.

Recipe testers should have some culinary experience, be addicted to the Food Network, fascinated by ingredients and how things are made or simply be passionate about cooking and tasting. I will provide each tester with 3-6 recipes and ask you to cook them to the “T”, take photographs and a bit of rudimentary video (smart phone snaps and video ok) and get your honest opinion of the recipe and any recommendations that might improve it for a global palate — without losing the essence of the recipe’s origin, of course.

You’ll need time to prepare the recipes and in some cases you might have to buy a special ingredient or two. You should have experience in the kitchen and if you’ve had culinary training — even better.

I’d like to have the recipes testing completed by the end of August. That gives about 1 1/2 months — though there is some flexibility.

Recipe Tester Manager

I’m looking for someone who can keep in touch with the testers, organize the recipes, comments and provide communication between me and the testers. This would be via email over a two month period.

Props: From Central & South America, Africa, Middle East

I traveled to over 30 countries in North, Central, South America and Africa, Middle East and Europe. We are shooting simple sets accented by dishes, textiles, textures or ingredients/products from these countries. In order to be as authentic as possible I am hoping to find items that could be used for the dish for each country. My photographer has a studio full of dishes, glasses, cups etc., but in some cases there may be something that from one of these countries that can take the authenticity up a notch. I’d like to borrow these items and consider for the set. All items will be returned, or passed on — depending on the original owner.

Prop Manager

Looking for someone who can organize communication between all the people who will offer and provide / loan props for the shoot. If you live in Southern California and can go to the Studio (in Orange County) on occasion to organize props and work with me and photographer, even better and preferred, though not necessary.

Kitchen Assistant

Have you worked as a photographer assistant, sous chef, cook, or just love to be in the kitchen and a photo studio? Great. Maybe you can be an extra hand for us as our shoot schedule is very aggressive and we’ll need help pulling props, prepping ingredients, preparing surfaces and pulling ingredients and cleaning up. You would need to be available August 20-30th. The shoot will happen 4 days 21-25 and then another 4 days sometime in the following two weeks.

How Do You Get Started?

Let me know what you would like to do, how you can help and share any experience you have in those areas I’m seeking help. All you need to do is go here and fill out this simple form. Then I’ll be in touch with you real soon.

What’s Next?

We’ve already done some of the shots and production for the book. And if you want to see what it’s like in the studio of a food photography photo shoot, check out this gallery of snapshots during our recipe tasting and photo shoots.

Next week I will post more information regarding the props needed, so look for another notice coming soon. Meanwhile, I’ve posted a simple form that you can complete and send me to let me know your interest. I’m moving fast, so don’t wait too long!

Thanks again and I look forward to working with some of you and getting back up to date with all of you — through updates and some live streaming even during the photo shoot — we’ll see!




PS. Fill out this form if you’re interested in helping me get this book through production this summer.

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