All Music Sports A New Face

I noticed that quietly updated their site and identity with a complete redesign. If you are a music fan and savour the history, discography, reviews, guest performers and nearly anything you could ever want to know about your favorite artists, then get over to AllMusic and see what you've been missing.

For me, the jury is out on the new site design. I loved the simplicity of the previous design. The user interface was clean and nearly all the most important information was available on the artists “home page”. With the new design AllMusic has resorted to the ubiquitous tabbed interface. So more clicks are required to dig into the information you want to know.

Plus, now it appears that AllMusic is holding back specific content for “registered members.” This bothers me a bit. But considering the content available at no charge registration is a small price.

For me, I love AllMusic because it quickly tells me who else has covered a particular band or songwriter's tunes. In addition, it gives a basic overview of who the band was influenced by and who was influenced by that band. There are access to reviews and like a great site you can quickly explore and branch out and discover new artists that you might never have heard before.

AllMusic is not a web newcomer. I was happy that The Mollusk turned me on to this site last summer. Since then it's my number one resource for music information. Everybody is listed here. Plus, if you are anal about keeping your iTunes Music Library clean and with album artwork, go no further than AllMusic to grab artwork and make sure you've got the correct information in your MP3 ID tags!