Apple Launch Event – SOHO, NYC

Steve discusses 3 million downloads of Safari, iLife and FinalCut Pro.
Then he plays the controversial Rip. Mix. Burn ad. Explains that “Rip” doesn't mean “rip off”. He goes on to explain that perhaps better words for those “over 3” might be Acquire. Manage. Listen as the alternative.

Apple has sold 7 millioin 700,000 iPods making it the #1 selling MP3 player in the world — comparing it to how the Sony Walkman became the leading mobile listening device 20 or more years ago.

Sitting in the massive SoHo Apple store in Manhattan. Huge Theatre compared to other stores. Satellite broadcast of Steve Jobs' launch event. The song playing at Moscone Center prior to Steve taking stage is Bob Dylan's “The Times They Are A Changing” — appropriate for what we're going to hear today. Steve is going through the reviews of the new PowerBooks.