Blood Spilled Over New iPad – iPad 3

I never planned to do another silly YouTube unboxing video. However, as I was waiting at the end of my driveway for the airport shuttle to pick up my friend Michael Yacavone, who visited from the East Coast for a few days, the UPS driver pulled up.

As Tony, my UPS, driver headed into the back of his truck, I threw Michael my camera (I always have a camera ready!) and asked if he’d start shooting. So what started as a quick video to capture the moment—the delivery of the new iPad at 10:14am on Friday the 16th of March—turned out to be a lesson in how dangerous technology, and the new iPad can be.

So in this exclusive new iPad (iPad 3) unboxing video, you too can learn from my experience and see exactly how blood spilled on my new iPad and how it earned its nickname “The Bloody iPad.”