Bluetooth Is In The Tavern.

Today I bought an new Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. Damn this is nice. A few have asked “Why did you buy a keyboard for your laptop computer?”

Reason is simple. First, my laptop (the 17″ PowerBook) has built in Bluetooth. I tend to be an early adopter and wanted to try out the new wireless technology which allows me to be totally untethered. Second, I write a lot. I actually like the feel of a true tactile keyboard. At least when using my PowerBook as a desktop surrogate. Third, for the amount of 'writing' I do, I'm guessing the ability to move, adjust position and lose dependency of touching aluminum will ultimately be healthier for any looming repetitive motion or stress related injures that are surely harboring safely in my psyche and musculoskeletal system.

The keyboard came with a disk that included a Bluetooth Firmware update and an installer for the new Apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The readme instructions strongly suggested that no matter how current my system software, that I update firmware first. I tried. But I was unable to update any such thing. The installer returned a message that said something to the effect of “your bluetooth software needs to be version 3.1 or greater. Please update Bluetooth software prior to running this firmware updater.” Funny. I just opened my Bluetooth preferences from the System preferences and was able to get my new keyboard working in minutes.

They keyboard has a nice feel, no USB ports and a full size numeric keypad, function keys (1) and navigation tools. I must say that I opted against buying the mouse because I've become accustomed to having a scroll wheel like that of my Kennsington Wireless Optical Pro and Logitech mice. While I understand Steve Jobs' and Apple's goal for simplicity, I'll simply wait for a third party two button mouse with scroll wheel with Bluetooth. Then I'll have the perfect desktop and mobile solution.

In short, this is cool But only will get cooler.