Bluetooth Keyboard.

I've been using the new Apple Bluetooth (wireless) keyboard for a couple weeks now. Running system 10.2.6 on a 1Ghz 17″ PowerBook, I can safely say this thing lags quite a bit. I type rather fast and when the keyboard tries to catch up to me it sometimes resorts to beach ball spinning waiting. Many times the buffer isn't large enought to continue to carry my keystrokes to the page. I've experienced this in Mail, BBedit and Word. I dont' know why. But it shouldn't be so sluggish. I wonder if Panther addresses this issue. Anyone else using they keyboard and experiencing anything similar? Any suggestions?

Wine. Wine Wine.

Many regular visitors to the Tavern have asked for more wine notes. And I've got to agree. It's not that I haven't been embibing in and falling prey to the sensual seduction of the fermented grape, I just haven't transcribed my notes and experience. No worries. I'll be sure to share my wine tasting experiences in Tuscany and elsewhere in Italy very soon.