iPods Threaten Corporate & Enterprise Security (oh no!)

Ban The iPod On Campus! At Work!

Good God. I see it coming.

Even the driest of technical or trade publications aren't immune to the lure of hype that supermarket tabloids and Rupert Murdoch are famous for. In this article in the every exciting Enterprise Security Today, Esther points me to the article where the headline harps “iPods Pose Enterprise Security Threat”.

Good god I feel like I'm revisiting the Apple-bashing by the media of days gone by in the mid to late 90's where you couldn't read an article about Apple without the ubiquitous modifiers of “beleaguered”, “embattled” and “doomed” — take a trip (back in time) and see how many times Apple is described with such words) But for 2004, this article takes the cake.

I'm not sure whether author Jason Lopez simple wishes he had his own iPod or would rather be writing for a mainstream tech publication that evaluates the not music toting devices. He even takes a shot at Apple by mentioning the new Sony MP3 player which can hold more songs than the iPod — all under the guise of how portable storage devices are a threat to corporate enterprise security. Give me a break.