iTunes Music Store AAC Music Won't Play Over TiVO Home Media

After an extended period without a television in my home, I'm pleased to finally feel as if I can monitor American pop culture a bit more closely now that I have television. (thanks Amar) Think of all I've missed. The latest Bachelor. Joe Millionaire. Endless episodes of Leno, Conan and Letterman. Even Connie Chung's last days at CNN. Or Geraldo's major faux pas in Iraq. Oh. The war. Yeah. Missed that too.

Well, I'm back. But my driver has been the ability to stream iTunes playlists and songs to a Home Media equipped TiVO series two. Not that I have this new toy. But I plan to. Not only can I listen to music from my computer through my home theatre, but I can share my photography through streaming photo albums from iPhoto.

But check it out. I learned today that songs purchased from iTunes Music Store or any other music or audio content that is encoded in AAC will not stream to TiVO. This is truly sad. What good is TiVO, Rendezvous and iTunes Music if you can't realize the true promise of Apple's Digital Hub technology. I guess I gotta go to Border's, buy from Amazon or, god help me, download tunes from another source in order to listen to my digital music over iTunes and my home entertainment system.