MacWorld San Francisco – Live Report


iPod Mini Comes in 5 colors!

Jobs is talking iPod success. The holiday quarter for the iPod, Apple sold 700,000 + iPods. This means now Apple has sold more than 2 million iPods. Apple is showing the iPod sales curve.

Marketshare for Apple in MP3 market: 31% and 55% in revenues. (no December figures inlcuded in this market)

The 10 gigabyte will now be upgraded to 15 gigs and keeping the same price at $299.

New Apple in ear headphones will sell for $39.

There's a new advertisement for iPod. Great! Hip!

Jobs is talking about the 62% of MP3 markets which are cheaper using Flash memory — called Flash Players. He's showing the RIO player that has 256 mb holds 60 songs and is about an inch thick. Terrible interface.

Jobs is introducing a second member of the iPod family. iPod mini is introduced.

IPod Mini

  • 4 gigs
  • 1,000 songs
  • 1/2 inch thick
  • $249 price tag

The size of a business card. 1/2 inch thick.

Garage Band

Add-ons for Garage Band:

  • Jam Pack – more instruments and 2,000 more loops, 15 more amps. Only $99
  • How much will all this cost? Only $49!
    Or, FREE WITH EVERY MAC! Microsoft Office for the rest of your life!

    • A major pro audio music creation tool — for everybody! Per Gallup Poll 1/2 of all US households have at least one person who plays a musical instrument.
    • Digitally mix up to 64 tracks
    • Use over 1,000 professional loops
    • Plug your guitar directly into your mac and choose different guitar and amp sounds
    • Software Instruments – use any USB or MIDI keyboard
    • John Mayer joins Jobs on stage to demonstrate Garage Band.
    • GarageBand will record live Midi information from the Keyboard or any other MIDI or USB based instrument.
    • This looks so cool.
    • Jobs is now creating a groove song using loops. He's having a lot of fun. The crowd is patient as he creates. I love the way this looks and sounds. I hope its performance matches the great look.
    • GarageBand comes with built in guitar amps. This is like the original POD or SansAmp — boxes you could plug guitars into to model old amplifiers.
    • Mayer is playing vintage 70's amp, surf, rock etc. Sounds great!
    • Now Mayer is recording lead guitar over loops directly into the Mac using GarageBand. I had no idea he could really play guitar. Great songwriter. But guitar player, too.
    • GarageBand supports direct export to iTunes creating a special playlist simultaneously.


    • 20 new themes
    • Enhanced menus
    • Enhanced slideshows
    • DVD navigation map
    • Pro encoding – 2 hours at higher quality
    • Wow. Now get 2 hours of movie on a single DVD
    • Archive projects so you can burn on another machine


    • Blazing fast performance for up to 25,000 photos
    • Time-based organization. Auto album generation by year.
    • iPhoto now supports rating photos.
    • Quick key for rating and rotating photos
    • Improved slide show
    • Enhnaced titling with new transitions in titles, too.
    • Ability to change transitions in slide show (yeah!) and have more than one song play so long shows don't just rotate the same song over and over again.
    • Rendezvous photo sharing: works like iTunes sharing only you can copy photos.
    • Now use your iSight camera to import directly from the camera.
    • Now supports direct posting of web-sized movie clips to .Mac accounts. Just like iPhoto.

    Other Announcements

    • New Microsoft Office
    • Final Cut Express revved up to version 2
    • Jobs is talking about how Pepsi will give away 1,000,000 free songs. Buy a Pepsi and look under the cap you might win. Pepsi will advertise this including a spot during the SuperBowl on February 1st.
    • Jobs is announcing iLife 2. Wow looks like he's made major performance improvements