Palm. Apple Newton. And The End Of Graffiti.

Do you use a Palm or other device that uses the Palm OS? Then you're all too familiar with Graffiti. According to this article (thanks Slashdot) PalmSource will no longer license Graffiti to Palm and others selling Palm devices. But what's most interesting is the tidbid about Xerox suing Palm for patent infringement. Yet, as an early adopter of PDA's, I owned the original (and the updated) Apple Newton. The media had its hey day with the Newton's handwriting recognition. Not ready for primetime — and many other jokes. I bought Graffiti for the Newton. And I guess eventually Palm bought the small company that developed Graffiti. So long ago. Anyway, Palm will offer a “Graffiti 2”. This time powered by Jot.

And check this out. Some people just won't let Newton rest in peace.