Phones. Lawsuits. & Wanderlust Cured (temporarily)

Good to be back. Though I miss the overall romance of life on the road as a free-spirited wayfaring traveler. Ah. But reality sets in. Stacks of mail. Bills to pay. Voice mail. Unfinished business. New business.

Settling in.

Back in March I wrote about cell phone number portability which now is approaching reality. And it's about time. Even better this week the FCC expanded the portability rule by mandating land line (POTS) phone companies to let customers switch household or business phones to wireless, or cell phones.

If you live in one of the top 100 cell phone markets you can make the switch and keep your phone number beginning November 24. So expect price wars and a massive multimedia marketing assault to hit you in every way any day.

I'm excited. I've got Verizon Wireless. I pay too much compared to others I know. The service is mediocre and doesn't work in my home. In fact, most residential areas are far from the ubiquity of cell tower sites. They tend to be a bit of an eye sore and folks with kids tend to worry about minor things like radiation.

Speaking of parental radiation worries did you hear about the Illinois school district slap in the face lawsuit from parents concerned about their kids' exposure to Wi-Fi (802.11x) wireless computer networks.

I think Illinois is the state hearing a lawsuit from moviegoers who are a bit peaved about movie showtimes published my the large movie chains. Seems that movies never start on time. But the previews and commercial announcements do. Though if this changed I'd lose my buffer time when trying to make a movie before opening credits disappear.

I've missed keeping up with my blogging peers. And much else. So I hope to catch up with Doc, Joi (who has radically changed and simplified his weblog, kudos to you Joi!), Liz, Mollusk, Stuart, Dina (still sorry I missed seeing her when she visited the states last month), Grumpy Girl and everyone else on my blogroll. My travelling has also put my writing on hold for Blogcritics. More to come on that soon.

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