Rock Star or Religious Leader?

Arik Hesseldal writes “Keeping the Faith In Steve Jobs” in the latest issue of Forbes, and compares the near fanatical cult-brand following and aura of Apple Computers venerable leader in to that of rock star or religious leader.

Hesseldol tries to find reason why Forbes readers have consistently shown respect for Mr. Jobs by naming him in several consecutive months the top slot in its monthly reader poll of top CEOs. Hesseldol also makes that jab that many critics have at Apple's new online music service. The observation, which is accurate on the surface, states that Apple is diverting from its core business. And in many cases this can prove fatal for businesses that lose clarity and divert resources away from bread and butter business units. However with Apple an argument can be made that this is an essential strategic move that will not only feed its core business but may in fact help it realize longer term strategic plans to expand its core business. My next post today or tomorrow will discuss just one aspect of this that I find interesting.