Tether Me No More

I'm encouraged about the future of Bluetooth. I remember just a few short years ago wondering through the “Bluetooth” pavilion at Comdex thinking how much of life would be made simpler if any of the prototype products in the pavilion came to market. News sources are pointing to the potential that next revs of Apple's laptops will have integrated Bluetooth.

My TiBook is my desktop, too. And at home I like to use a mouse. I have this Logitech “cordless” mouse. Heh. Cordless. I kinda like that. Of course you need to plug a receiver into the USB port on the back of the laptop. And this receiver has a cord. Cordless?

I want to synch my Kyocera SmartPhone with the integrated Palm OS without using a cradle or a slow infrared connection that works barely 50% of the time. I want a cordless headset for my cell phone and my office phone. I want to be able to synch my iPod (I don't own one yet) without Firewire.

I want to play my MP3's from my desktop laptop without running a wire to my home stereo. I want to be able to have my iPod play through my car stereo without carrying along any extra gears. Especially cords and wires.

I want my life to be untethered. Freedom. Of cords, wires and the baggage they require.