Waiting For FedEx.

I can feel it. My PowerBook is getting closer. I thought it might be here on Tuesday. But I've learned oh so well how to manage my expectations. Per FedEx it arrived from indianapolis in Los Angeles at about dinner time Tuesday. So bar the short 40 some mile journey from LAX to the FedEx Orange County dispatch, I should hear my doorbell ring today about 9am. Stay tuned.

Date/Time Scan Activity
4/22/03 19:14 Arrived at Sort Facility/LOS ANGELES CA
4/22/03 15:49 Left FedEx Sort Facility/INDIANAPOLIS IN
4/21/03 20:20 Left FedEx Ramp/C.K.S. INTL AIRPORT TW
4/21/03 20:15 Held at Sort Facility/INDIANAPOLIS IN
4/21/03 14:39 Left FedEx Sort Facility/ANCHORAGE AK
4/19/03 23:56 Arrived at FedEx Ramp/TA YUAN HSIANG TW
4/19/03 21:05 Left FedEx Origin Location/TAOYUAN CITY TW
4/19/03 20:56 Picked up by FedEx/TAOYUAN CITY TW