Future Thinking. <i>(this weekend and next week, too)</i>

I catch an early flight on Thursday morning from John Wayne Airport to Ronald Reagan International in Washington DC. Gee. Flying from one macho Hollywood star namesake to another. What ever happened to the Jimmy Stewart airport anyway.

Looking forward to spending time with family and especially my two nieces Emily and Anna. After some well deserved time in Avalon, NJ and Washington, DC I'll be connecting with many fellow bloggers and “what's next” leading thinkers from software, technology, telecom, government and others at Keven Werbach's SuperNova Conference. Doc notes that there are three conferences concurrently collide and all discuss and explore next-generation “thinking”.

Doc on SuperNova: […] Decentralization is THE theme for our times. It's what the Net and the Web were about in the first place. It's what Cluetrain was about. It's what the successes of Net-roots movements like MeetUp, MoveOn, DigitalConsumer.org, AOTC, Warblogging, Peaceblogging and the Howard Dean campaign are all about. It's what blogging was about, too. I say was because I'm concerned right now that blogging risks centralization. A year from now, don't be surprised if everyone with an AOL, an MSN or a .Mac account automatically has a blog, and if those blogs use non compatible means to interoperate with each other. Just like we've seen with instant messaging since the beginning. […] And don't think that other companies with an interest in blogs, such as Google and IBM, won't find their own ways to defeat interoperation for both competitive and idealistic reasons, no matter how well-intended they may be. They want to make better blogging tools, sell better blogging back-end systems, better ways to put advertising on blogs and better ways to do other stuff. But better isn't always best. Often (though not always) the better imperative includes protocols, formats and standards that get bettered all the way to isolation and well-rationalized non-interoperability. So, instead of an open market with lots of interop, you got a bunch of isolated silos. It's not a long trip, and it's often travelled unconsciously. […]

I'm excited about SuperNova on multiple levels. First, I'll be sharing the same room discussing fascinating futurist topics with some incredibly smart people. Second, I'll get to finally meet many of these people I've collaborated with, joined in blog discussions with and even participated with when providing input and brainstorming with Joi on his Emergent Democracy paper — now available in multiple languages. Finally, I'm working on developing and participating in a network of business, marketing and communication strategists to explore further how to leverage decentralized themes and technologies to improve and enhance communications at the corporate or business unit level.

photo: From Statue Park, a graveyard of Soviet Era sculpture, statues and propaganda on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. Shot in June 2002. This is an absolutely horrible example of propaganda depicting socialist thinkers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Discovered Today: Dave Pollard | Cheyenne | Alex (ok, so I didn't discover him today, but damn I rediscovered him today)

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