Wandering, Wondering, and Wallowing


Sometimes playing a game with locals is more important than writing a blog post or trolling for likes on Instagram or Facebook.

What happens to a blog when one wanders? Without a little attention, like a plant that needs water, a blog withers slowly. Yet unlike those less resilient plants, it still lives, albeit sedentary. Sadly, this blog—The Digital Tavern—has been on life support with less than a half-dozen posts over the past two years.

I make no excuses, will whine no whimpers, and yet I will beat myself up personally and constantly—it’s my decision after all.

Yes, it’s my fault. I accept responsibility. It’s a lack of focus, or too much focus, I’m not sure. Maybe I try to do too much, but that statement sends me into the abyss of excuses. I resist

This summer I rode my motorcycle around Iceland, Scandinavia, the Baltic, eastern Europe and finally wallowing around a few Greek islands—after the tourists had left. I blogged for a bit at www.worldrider.com — but even that blog ran dry, gasping for water.

Dare I say this will change? Nah. I’m me. Not for lack of intention, but some times these blogs lack attention. I guess I wish to live offline, yet always yearning to share those experiences online—until the next day, and then the next, until soon it’s too late. Or is it?

I’ll try. But in the meantime you should dig into my worldrider Instagram feed, my personal Instagram feed, my Facebook page, and here.

The Digital Tavern was always supposed to be a place I could ramble, rant, recommend, realize, ruminate, and rouse the interests, opinions and thoughts of you. It will continue, I do promise this. So stick with me, join me in the Tavern when I’m here, and find me on the road or on the line when I’m not.

Thanks for reading.

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