Like, Blogs Are The Rage, You Know

If you been following the hot blog topics the past few days no doubt you've read about Dr. Pepper's hot new marketing gimic: A Blog. And it's tied to what's destined to be a hot new drink, Raging Cow. Geeez. What happened to the damn bull?

Ok. So FilchyBoy, the inquisitive, deductive and reporting type of blogger he is, uncovers the campaign's creators and interviews domain owner and Dallas-based Richards Interactive agency director, Todd Copilevitz. Makes me wonder if this could be THE Odd Todd? No matter what. At first glance, it appears Raging Cow is targeted at the late teens to early 20's group.

The story is interesting. It's on my radar screen because it's right up my alley. I knew it wouldn't be long until a creative campaign that truly integrated its message with traditional, online and really new media (blogs) would surface. I'm going to watch carefully as Richards and its client launch Raging Cow. I just uncovered this tonight, so I'm just learning and checking into it now. So why not read the blog and FilchyBoy's story and we'll meet back here at The Digital Tavern and talk more about it in a few days. (or, punch your name into the subscribe box to the right, and you'll be updated when new articles are posted here) Till then.