Thinkers. Marketers. And Red Wine.

I know you're wondering. What's Allan writing about now? Thinkers and marketers. You probably can get your head around that. But Red Wine? Sure, the cat's been out of the bag that I'm a passionate taster and collector of fine wines and that I'll do most anything to weave a wine story into a blog post. Fair?

But there's more. To be sure, marketing continues to evolve. Contrary to the thoughts of many of my marketing brethren, I don't believe there's a marketing revolution ready to erupt. That is, in terms of social software, networks, emergence etc. Instead, I see that it's simply a marketing evolution. Not that it's any less important, I think it's important to be understated, rather than hyper when discussing such things — a statement or testament to where marketing might — or even should — be headed.

For example, I've been writing a somewhat regular series on corporate blogging. This in inspired in part by the popularity of blogs, the wonders of RSS and media attention. In turn, many organizations and individuals are scrambling to make sense of what some find to be trendy and others find as a trend to watch. No matter what, fact is blogs are here to stay. Question is, will they always be called blogs? As marketing evolves, blogs will too.

As a sidebar, Rick Bruner is attempting to keep a running list of business or corporate blogs. You can view the current lineup here.

And like a good red wine, I find the best to be appreciated at a young age where they exude youthful characteristics and are playful, fruity and while a bit immature, very cute and beautiful. As a red wine moves to adolescence it begins to show distinction, true character and color. This paves its way as it matures into a complex, rich and distinctive character. True to blogs. Like a young red wine, they're fun. They're fruity. And they're immature. At least from a marketing or business perspective. And to some extent a personal or “conversational” perspective.

As for thinkers. There are so many great thinkers on the web. I've had the pleasure of communicating with some innovative and curious thinkers. And I look forward to hearing from more. If you haven't checked out these recently, take a peak. Because blogging as marketing and business process is evolving:

Dina Metha | Stuart Henshall | John Moore | Christopher Ireland | Rick Bruner