The Politics of Blogging

You gotta love Howard Dean. At least his marketing (campaign) team. This guy has leveraged Blogs much like Clinton leveraged the internet during his campaigns. But Dean's different. And while formidable potential presidential candidates may not find it hard to harness ink – offline and online – Dean is differentiating himself through weblogs and social networking via the internet.

In the Boston Globe today Joanna Weiss buys into the hype and turns out yet another article on blogs, politics and the future of campaign marketing. But like much of the ink I've endured on the subject, Weiss turns out yet another overstuffed and bloated headline, 'Blogs' shake the political discourse'.

[…] the most fervent blog proponents have been talking like apostles. Blogs, they predict, are harbingers of a new, interactive culture that will change the way democracy works, turning voters into active participants rather than passive consumers, limiting the traditional media's role as gatekeeper, and giving the rank-and-file voter unparalleled influence […]

For me I'm not buying into any candidate. Now. Or the near future. But as a marketing enthusiast and practitioner I can't help buy watch with eager and jaded eyes as politicians or doctor's posing as such leverage an exciting new tool that every day slips into the mainstream and teeters on the brink of ubiquity. Still hammering out ideas on the next corporate business blog piece. Till then enjoy the politicking. It's starting to get fun.

[…] bloggers are reveling in their new entry point into the campaign process. And to some of them, the older tools of politicking already feel extraneous — or mildly out-of-date […] “I don't have a Dean bumper sticker yet,” said Donefer, [a] 21-year-old blogger. “This is much better”[…]