The Most Precious Gift

most-precious-gift-you-can-giveThose who know me well have heard me say this time and time and again. The most precious gift you can give anyone is your time. Likewise, time is the most precious thing someone can give you.

Simple, right? Yet sometimes the idea and value of giving and receiving time is forgotten or unrecognized. Think about it.

Of all the things you value in life virtually everything, within reason, is unlimited. You can always make more money, buy more flowers or get more food, wine or followers or friends on Twitter or Facebook. But time? It’s a rare gem that should be coddled and used wisely.

Nobody has a crystal ball. But if you live beyond 80 years old, you’ll have lived about 30,000 days, or abut 700,000 hours. That’s it.

No need to dwell about this, it’s a simple fact. And it’s a reminder that when you’re fretting about finding the right gift for a loved one, or trying to figure out just what to give your team, assistant or staff for a holiday or birthday, think about giving them the most precious gift you have: your time.

Do think they would appreciate your time more than a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates or, good lord, a gift card? When a friend is down or in need would a phone call or get together over coffee or a drink be better than a sympathy card or an email? Think about it.

It’s about time. And it’s about time we all recognize and share our most precious gifts.

Take the time and make the time. You can.