Welcome Back To The Digital Tavern

It’s like coming back to your hometown and running into an old friend. While times has passed, the conversation, familiarity and common ground makes it seem like yesterday. That is time apart has been scrunched up and the difference between now and then is irrelevant.

I’m talking about The Digital Tavern: For The Sake of Clarity. I’ve been away and focused on my travel blog. I will continue to focus on the travel blog and encourage all of you who have not visited to take a moment and read some of the exciting stories form my Around The World Journey of Adventure & Discovery on a Motorcycle.

I haven’t made it around the world. Yet.

Please continue reading forward here and you’ll learn of a bit of a bummer. That is a mishap I had while riding the Bolivian Altiplano. I had to be evacuated back to the United States. I’m here now and you’ll read the story.

Meanwhile, I’m going to try to bring more non-travel writing back to The Digital Tavern. I started this blog before most knew what a blog was — back in early 2002. Today blogs are ubiquitous. That is perhaps except for the Digital Tavern.

Though it was intentional to leave this blog hanging in the balance while I focused on learning a bit about MovableType and developed a blog focused on my around the world motorcycle tour. Yet occasionally I’d post a few duplicate entries from the WorldRider blog here just to keep it somewhat fresh.

Are any of my readers out there? Did you follow the WorldRider blog? Fact is I’m in recovery and the downtime gives me a chance to pick up some of the pieces here on the Digital Tavern. I may move this yet to MovableType. I’m so frustrated with Radio, I’d forgotten how bad it could be. Just posting today’s stories on my evacuation out of Bolivia the upstreaming server at Radio Userland took seemingly forever.

Well that’s my story for now. Hope all of you are well and will tune in.