What's In A Company Name Today?

Notice the date today?

A few years ago when I was active in the company I co-founded, Wirestone, we competed in the internet professional services space, as it was called then. The biggest players included Razorfish, iXL, Sapient, Scient, Viant, agency.com, modem media and Organic.

Where are these companies today? Maybe 2 or 3 survived. But the biggest. The baddest. The most bloated. Started its life as US Web. Then they merged with a company called CKS. Some bright team inside this once great (and I use that term loosely) company came up wth the idea that it was time to change its name. And after that, the great decline began.

The name?


Good god. Who thought of that?

Ironically enough, just weeks before they filed for bankruptcy, we scored $20 million in private equity investment.

Those were the days.

These are the days.