Not My Typical Blog Post.

Ok. So this is one of those blog postings I typically avoid. If you’re a first timer to The Digital Tavern please peruse by scrolling down or clicking categories. You’ll get a better flavor of my writing and what I write about. But for now, I gotta give an update.

Why? Given the lack of activity in the last week I figure those regulars should at least know what’s going on. First, it’s pouring rain. Last week I had my car at the dealer for service for 2 1/2 days on regular service plus a warranty related thing to uncover some sort of misfiring on the punchy V6. Picked it up on Saturday. Saturday night the check engine light on, rough idling and then flashing in panic mode the check engine light kept me wondering whether the car was going to just quit. Poor thing. Took the car back at 6:30 am this morning. Looking like a nice day I set out on the motorcycle for my daily deeds. Bad move. By the time I was done with the deeds the sky opened up and cried. The tears caused my feet, pants and butt to get soaked.

This week holds a couple huge tastings for me. It’s been a while since I’ve attended a tasting. So somehow there are two crammed into this week. First is an amazing list of 2000 Bordeaux. You name it first, second or cult growth of the best vintage in decades. That’s Wednesday and I’ll be sure to blog my tasting notes. Next is the who’s who of California Cult Cabernets from the 1994 vintage. Should be incredible. Bloggable, too.

Hope my car is done and running right.

Travel? Looks like Chicago in a few weeks and a trip to Hong Kong and China in April Want to go to Portugal and Spain too. Who knows. Gotta check in with Tim and see what he’s up to.

More later.