When It Comes To Marketing and Sex, It's All About Your Position

A couple years ago while flying to Boise, Idaho an airline attendant took interest in me as I started working on the Palm portion of my Kyocera SmartPhone. Within moments she was by my seat with her SmartPhone and exchanging a number of free or shareware Palm OS applications. After several minutes of fun dialog and communicative comaraderie
or shared ownership of such a marvel of a technological device she blushed as she decided, after a long pause, to send me one more program. As I stared at my screen I watched the transfer of what I read was “The Palma Sutra.” She giggled and said this was her favorite. A passenger buzzed an attendant call button and she whisked away from my seat. So I eagerly started punching my stylus on my Palm device to view this new “Palma Sutra” application. Wow. I leaned over the aisle seat and glanced down the aisle at the attendant as she gleefully and beautifully bounced to the rear of the plane. I was married at the time, so my thoughts and mind were simply gloating in the flattery. Or, at least what I certainly felt was flattery. And I'm sticking with it.

So I guess the Palma Sutra or Palm OS never hit Brazil. But they've got something better. If you're not sure how to spice up your love life or add a bit of zest to your lovemaking, all you need to do is make a quick phone call. And the next thing you know, your love will be expressing ecstasy and orgasm.

[…] Brazilian telephone company is offering a helping hand to Latin lovers who are lacking inspiration with animations of sexual positions based on the Kama Sutra flashed directly to their mobile phones […]

And all along I had thought those Brazilian Latin lovers were just physically sensual dynamos of love and sex. There goes that fantasy. Anyway, check out the article here. And have fun. And then tell me if something like this would ever come from Verizon, Cingular or AT&T.

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