What Happened To Bloglet? <br><i>Subscribers left with empty glasses in the Tavern.</i>

For those of you who have subscribed to the Digital Tavern via the service I used, Bloglet, you probably haven't received a Digital Tavern update notification since early August. And to be sure, I haven't been that lax in posting items of interest.

It appears that Bloglet has had a serious malfunction. Several e-mails to its founder, Monsur, have gone unanswered. The result is a subscription service that's not working. So be sure to check in regularly. I will be posting several times a week. And I promise. It's going to get even more interesting. Truly.

If anyone knows what's going on with Bloglet please leave me a comment or drop me an email here. And like Hossein Derakhshan , I'd like to find an alternative solution so that my several hundred (a fraction of Hossein's) subscribers can again subscribe and receive ongoing updates. It's unfortunate that the database of subscribers is lost somewhere with Monsur. So if you're a subscriber or want to be, send me an email here so I can get you on the new system when I find one.