Dear Norah,

You rock, sweetheart. Congratulations. At a time when the lines between soulful expressive music and noise, harmonic dissonance, voice and electronics blur the lines of what is music and what is something else, I find it so encouraging the at 23 years old you are writing and playing music that is far from the mainstream. Even better, that it is recognized and rewarded. Congratulations.

I discovered you by accident about 14 months ago. I'd like to think I had a hand in promoting you. I must have recommended you to dozens, bought copies of your debut for others and included your songs on nearly every playlist or compilation CD I made. Still nobody had heard of you. Then you got popular. Not the jealous type, I was excited. Instead of some angry punk wining about his past and his mother, you played and sang songs from your heart. I think it was satellite radio where I first found you finally getting some airplay. And I used your songs in a home video/DVD project I made. I felt you were real. Motivated by your art, not your pocketbook.

Your voice makes me melt. Your piano makes me sway and smile. And your arrangements, simple, seductive and sassy. I love you Norah. I love you for awakening interest in music that barely rises above the noise. I love you for being young and true to your self and what you love. And damnit. You are beautiful. As a whole person. And nothing less. Congratulations. You're a winner.

[ norah jones won a bunch of grammy awards tonight including best new artist and album of the year,
Come Away with Me